Sam has been in the Health and Fitness industry for over 10 years and is driven by his passion for all things fitness related! Having acquired a HND in sport, the natural progression was to add qualifications in Personal Training / group training & Nutrition Analysis

“Working as a PT has been incredibly rewarding, witnessing clients at varying stages in their fitness journeys achieve their goals is what galvanises me. I’m always keen to develop a good rapport with clients in order to keep them motivated and supported in their very personal journeys”

At Energize Fitness Studio we find that group training is a superb way to achieve fitness goals, not least because the group supports one another

“I specialise in creating group experiences which are awesome workouts, challenging and also fun, I draw on my knowledge and experience to build sessions which contain high-powered HIIT along with emphasis on building strength, not forgetting to hit the body’s core!”

“I see to it that no-one comes away from my training sessions without feeling strong and empowered”

Grant Nixon Energize


Coming from an army background, Grant has always had to be at the peak of physical fitness and quickly realised that he could pass on this invaluable experience and discipline in the fitness world.

“Being involved with clients from all walks of life who come to me with varying degrees of fitness and life goals is an incredible experience. Seeing the people I work with make gains and grow into fitter, stronger and happier versions of themselves is what motivates me. I am driven by my passion to ensure each individual achieves their best”

“I have learned to be innovative, to adapt and build on military fitness training whether it be Personal Training or Group Training in order to make it work for the client or the group. I enjoy the sessions and know that my clients thoroughly enjoy them too”

“I know I can release the inner warriors inside!”